Laundry Service Phnom Penh

Competitive Hotel, Restaurant Laundry & Linen Services Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Laundry Service Phnom Penh offers complete and comprehensive laundry and linen services to suit your needs. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We will be on time, on budget and to your specifications. We will provide any number of service capabilities upon request. It simply depends on what your service requirements are.

We take pride in providing services that accommodates your needs, with the flexibility to deliver laundry and linen services at your demand. With investments in the most up to date commercial laundry equipment we are also constantly in search of new and improved products to extend the life of our customer’s laundry and linen while providing a clean, fresh product.

Our competitive hotel laundry services in Phnom Penh covers supply and cleaning of linens, tablecloths and table mantels. Our laundry services also specialize but not limited to:

  • Hotel laundry service
  • Restaurant linens
  • Hotel sheets
  • Hotel towels
  • Table napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Uniforms

We provide competitive hotel laundry services in Phnom Penh according to your specific requirements and requests to give you the exact service that you need.

It’s Simple.

If you need affordable laundry and linen services, call for pickup or drop it off and we will take care of it for you!

It’s Fast.

Our oversized machines allow us to do many loads simultaneously, allowing you to get fresh clean laundry and linens as quickly as possible.

It’s Done

With all our onsite amenities and professional staff, your laundry and linens will surely be clean and spotless.


Laundry Service Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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